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 Runa Tenebrae the Zoroark

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PostSubject: Runa Tenebrae the Zoroark   Mon Mar 05, 2012 6:22 pm

Name: Runa Tenebrae
Species: Zoroark the Illusion Fox Pokemon
Pokedex Number: #571
Gender: Female
Rank&Team Name*: Ordinary Pokemon
Ability: Illusion
Level: 65
Moves: Night Daze, Dark Pulse, Shadow Claw, Round
History: She grew up with Karasu and when they left their parents to start their own lives, she found herself a nice spot in Shadowhue Forest to live. Unbeknownst to her, Karasu became an outlaw, though she herself tried to make an honest living by selling the things she finds in the forest and helping the occasional pokemon that needs it. She has had many friends in the past but for some reason they all either come to fear or resent her, despite the fact that she hasn't done anything wrong. It is because of this that she chases other pokemon away from her territory. She fears that if she gets close to anyone, they'll just leave again.

Other: She is Karasu Raven's twin sister. Their family always had a habit of giving their children double names. xD


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Runa Tenebrae the Zoroark
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