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 Tips for Creating a Free RP

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PostSubject: Tips for Creating a Free RP   Fri Mar 09, 2012 9:59 pm

Ah yes, the Free Roleplay Section. Full of a multitude of free roleplays already made and those long dead. It is quite the battlefield. Quite. Now listen as I spin my epic tale of epic proportions. About those now and those who have come and gone and blah blah... While I listen to epic music and type.

So that magical eco friendly light bulb has popped up over your head yes?
I bet you're itching to make a certain RP for some epic story you'd like to weave in a quilt with others by taking turns on a magical place called the free roleplay section.

Well hold your horses buddy.

Don't just rush on in there!

Making a free roleplay should be a careful process. It needs to be well made and everything should be thought out ahead of time. That means no hasty actions. I know you're just itching to get in there and type it up but step back from the screen and pause for a moment. But really.... Answer these questions fully and completely before hitting that create button.

How well described is your setting? Do you have a time period? Do you have enough places to full explore and go through without others getting bored? Do people know where to go to do something and understand without you needing to lead everything or answer a TON of questions? If you've based it off of a game/movie/show, do they understand that it is the same area or a different one? Did you make sure you have all the buildings, shops, stores, land formations, food locations, dens, homes, and all the like planned out?

Example: Let's say you're making an RP about gryphons (griffins, griffons). Well you need to specify the area they're living in. Where do they nest, sleep, eat, play, and fly? Where do their predators and enemies stay? Is there a water source nearby? Are there mountains, plains, an ocean, a forest, perhaps a giant cliff nearby? Where is their main source of food? Now you've got the basics, but your mythical creatures are going to want to explore of course. Perhaps there is a nearby town of 'man' just over the Eastern hills bordering the main territory of a nest of gryphons. Directions are always good to specify. That allows people to picture a map in their head, faintly anyways. The time period is set in the renaissance times of course. Who wouldn't love a daring fight with a knight in sparkly generic armor? And the occasional generic green scaled western dragon flying all up in yo' territory? Perhaps there are a few islands to explore past the rocky cliffs and oceans. Places no gryphon has ever returned from. And perhaps the deadly chimera that lurk in the dark cold forest to the north... Are not as menacing as they seem despite tales that have been told.

Anyways, when it comes to the setting... Specify! A vague RP isn't going to be very fun if people are totally confused on where to go to begin with!

The super duper important Plot: Ah mah gosh. Plotz. Da terror of da ceez. Yes, plots are by far the most important thing. They make the RP. When you make a plot everything needs to be covered. This can either make or break your free RP and how well it goes. Now ask yourself: How far did you go into explaining it? Who are the protagonists and the antagonists? Have you specified specific groups? Why are people joining the RP to begin with? What purpose will they, not you, be serving in the RP? Is this an RP revolving around one main character? (If so, you stop yourself right there and rethink your whole RP. It is not just about you and that's a tad selfish good sir. >8C ) Moving on, do you expect the RP to end somewhere? If so, how will it end? What are the goals that are being reached in the RP? Is there a reason it is set in one place? How original is the plot? It doesn't have to be something so incredibly original you took five months to type up the whole thing and edit every single typo. Just as long as you don't hit the most cliche and unoriginal RP ideas to the point that it is boring to no end. To make this less questiony and more of an example. Here we go, again.

Hurrrdurr. There you have a completely random free RP answering the questions for the most part at 3AM in the morning. xP After you have explained the basic plot you can continue to branch off and explain the motives of other characters. Like the humans and chimeras and such.

But seriously though, when you have a plot, at least try to cover the basics.
WHO is the RP about, WHY is it happening, WHEN is it occurring, WHAT is the main goal of the RP, and HOW do you expect it to end?

Bio for Your RP: Again with importance. Without a bio nobody can sign up riiighhht? Right. Well when you create a bio, again DO NOT RUSH THROUGH IT. Otherwise you're going to look sillier than a cat trying to eat peanut butter. Seriously. Make sure you cover everything. Name, age, appearance, rank, skills, history, family, pets, talents, likes, dislikes, fears, strengths, weaknesses, everything. This will give yourself a good look at what people are making character wise, and also give them a proper reference to come back to. I'd recommend when making a bio to request at least three sentences when it comes to things like history. That'll give a person a chance to pause. And then they will think a little for a few moments about their character and where they came from. :B It works out for the both of you so their character isn't just popping out of the blue and falling out of the sky. Really there's not much to cover here besides stressing that you need to make your bio fully understandable and making sure it has enough required information.

Accepting Characters: I figured I'd throw this in for the end result. Ahem, when accepting characters take your time and read through their bio. Make sure the character isn't completely outrageous, overpowered, unrealistic, or irrelevant to the plot. You do not want a derpy alien up in yo' gryphon RP when they cannot be in the RP to begin with. If you say no, no means no. Don't let another member push you into accepting their character because they NEED to have their way. It is your RP after all. As long as you're not being a complete and utter tyrant. :V You should be fine. When rejecting a character you should tell them what is wrong and help them edit it so that it fits into the RP as a better character. It is always a helpful and kind gesture.

Limiting: You're probably wondering what the heck this is. Well it can be a lot of things. You can limit people to certain things like characters, type of characters, certain items/allies... All of that just to be fair and keep things in control. You don't want someone making fifty characters for one little free RP after all. Don't consider it a mean gesture, just set a reasonable limit on how many characters (or whatever else) they are allowed to have. This also allows them to put careful consideration into their characters, as their hesitance in what they will create will definitely make them think twice about whether or not they are going to be satisfied with using a limited slot.

Alas, that is all I have for now, and will probably add more later when I'm am wide awake. :V
I guess I could add more to this, but honestly the rest branches into other topics like moving a roleplay along and making sure people are playing fair. Really though that's something else that can be touched upon by speaking with a mod or admin.

So get in there and make whatever RP you want to. Just make sure it is complete and lacks confusion. :B
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Tips for Creating a Free RP
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